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Trained Companions has been successfully training dogs in client's homes since 2011.   Owner and trainer, Suzanne, has a special bond with her dogs which began as her Golden Retrievers were her constant companions growing up overseas.   After traveling and working long hours in the corporate world, Suzanne found her true love of caring for pets after helping a friend with her petsitting business in NC.   One of her own loving but particularly challenging companions, Harley, a lab mix, suffered from separation and storm anxiety, inciting Suzanne's desire to learn behavior modification techniques.    She completed a rigorous behavior and obedience training program at The Academy of Pet Careers, including scent and service dog training.    Trained Companions was founded with its primary focus on training dogs in the home as this is where most dogs spend the majority of time and obedience and behavior modification are most practical.     Suzanne continues to educate herself in training methods, attending seminars and conferences.    She works with dogs of all different breeds and temperaments to determine their specific needs and the best approach to their training, while teaching owners how to handle and improve their bond with their dogs.  

To accomodate clients with busy schedules and have little time to train their dogs  we offer a Sit and Train program.   This option is great for those that would like someone to stop in to visit with their dog and provide professional training services.  By coming to your home, we can train your dog where they are comfortable, house rules can be addressed and and you can avoid having to drop them off somewhere or worry about finding time to be home for a lesson.

Trained Companions now offers Petsitting services, recognizing that kenneling outside the home can induce stress in some dogs.    Our pet sitting service alleviates this stress by keeping your pets where they are most comfortable – at home!  

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