​​ Petsitting

Why Petsitting?
  • Familiar, comfortable environment for your pet
  • No stress from strange surroundings, noises and smells
  • Plenty of one-on-one attention during visits
  • Perfect for young puppies needing potty breaks
  • Avoid exposure to kennel cough or canine influenza
  • Less expensive than kenneling
  • Mail brought in, plant watering available on request
  • Beneficial for fearful or senior dogs as well as families with multiple pets
When you schedule petsitting with Trained Companions, we will come to your home to care for your pets whether you are just out for the day or out of town for a few days.   You can elect time slots in the morning, afternoon or evening that you would like us to visit.  ​​

Upon our arrival to your home we will greet your dog(s), then immediately take them outside to potty.    We want our visits to be the best part of your pet's day (outside of their owner coming home) so we cater to your their needs and energy level.   We understand the worry you may feel leaving your pets behind so we provide updates on your their well-being and activities.  Upon request (and weather permitting) we will walk your dog, or if preferred we will play fetch, give belly rubs or just some cuddle time!

We do not charge for additional pets and will feed them according to your instructions.  If you have cats, birds, hamsters, or other small family pets we are happy to care for them as well.    

30 Minute Visit - $20​   (additional $3/visit on holidays)

To Request Services please call or text us at 636-299-1844, or complete the service request form below.

Service Request Form

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