Sit and Train

Our Sit and Train options are great for those that work long days and either have little time to train their dog, or prefer to have a professional do the training.   We combine dog training and petsitting for those whose dogs need an obedience refresher or new training, in addition to being fed, walked, taken out to potty, or just given some love and attention.   So, no need to drive your dog to day camp or leave them in a small run at a kennel.   We will train your dog but you will need to learn what to do (or not to do) for consistency and reinforcement.   We will provide you with a training summary and notes as well as a short video or photos showing what your dog has learned.

When YOU need a PETSITTER and your DOG needs TRAINING...

  1. Puppy Sit and Train - $50 (Total 45 min)
    30 Minute Individualized Training and 15 Minutes Play/Feed/Walk time This is perfect for puppies that have a short attention span but need some focused obedience training and socialization. We will first take your puppy out to potty, then work on manners, basic obedience (sit, down, come) and walking on a loose leash. Training sessions are fun and active, so your puppy will be ready for a nap when we leave!
  2. Refresher Sit and Train - $65 (Total 60 min)
    45 Minute Individualized Training and 15 Minutes Play/Feed/Walk time We will introduce your dog to new commands in obedience and review those that he/she already learned but need a little refreshing. We can take your dog out and practice walking on a loose lead as well as other commands, incorporating a walk into the training session.
  3. Full Sit and Train - $79 (Total 75 min)
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