We come to you.   We offer in-home training, petsitting and sit and train, a combination of the two.   The reasons are simple.   Your time is important and a customized training plan speciific to your dog and the rules around your home can be addressed.  In other words, you expect your dog not to jump on you or your guests, to steal food from counters or race out the door when you open it for a delivery.   


While most everyone would agree potty training your new puppy is very important, it is also important to begin obedience training early to set good habits.  The ideal time to begin training your puppy is around 7-8 weeks of age, particularly in terms of socialization.   Early socialization can prevent fears from developing later in your dog's life that require significant training and desensitization to reduce.   Training sessions for puppies focus on socialization, basic obedience and solving common puppy issues such as pottying, chewing and biting.
​​ Common Commands

Sit and Sit Stay 
Down and Down Stay 
Leave It
​​ One Hour Session - $75
Puppy Five Pack (5 x One Hour Sessions) - $350   


We offer obedience training, problem solving and behavior modification for dogs.   By providing in-home  training we customize lessons based on your dog's personality, temperament and behavior.   All of our training combines three principles critical to effective dog training:   Timing, Consistency and Motivation.   Our goal is to improve your bond with your pet and make your dog an even better family member through our training sessions.​​
We always begin our first lesson with a free evaluation of your dog.   Your dog's health, behavior, training history and relationship with family members is important when establishing a training plan.  You should consider your training goals and share them with the trainer during this evaluation.

Whether you need guidance in teaching your dog basic obedience (sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, come, leave it, off, etc.), manners,  or help teaching your dog the house rules, we can help.    Have a dog problem and need help?   Our trainer will work with you and help "retrain" your dog to modify his/her behavior.   

One Hour Session - $75
Benefits of In-Home Dog Training 
  • Individualized Training without distractions
  • Private lessons allow lots of practice so your dog can be trained faster
  • Less Stressful for your dog (no new smells, dogs and strange environment)
  • Behavior problems that occur in the home can be addressed
  • We bring the training to you so you do not have to spend time in the car
  • Puppy training is not delayed due to waiting on immunizations